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When I first encountered Transformational Breath® in 1998, I was so impressed with its results in my life that I decided to take the professional training in order to share this amazing tool with others.

I trained under Dr. Judith Kravitz, co-developer of the technique and founder of Transformational Breath® Foundation USA. I became one of the first qualified Transformational Breath® facilitators in the UK.

For myself personally, I feel Transformational Breath® has given me my life back at least twice. When I first encountered it I was living a very restricted life due to physical ill health: Transformational Breath® was the right thing at the perfect time that really helped to turn things around for me and I never looked back. A number of years later, I found myself in a well of depression following a very intense emotionally challenging time. A colleague supported me with a number of Transformational Breath® sessions that helped me to get back on track, to really feel the feelings I was suppressing and start engaging more fully with the world. I believe we are all continually learning and growing and as Life keeps happening, I know this work will continue to be a huge source of support to me.

I am grateful to have had the chance to work with many hundreds of people who have changed their lives with Transformational Breath®, individually and in groups. It is such a privilege to work with so many wonderful people and to see how things open up and change for them as they begin to breathe more fully. I have assisted Judith Kravitz on training courses around the world, and worked for a number of years as a Senior Trainer for the Transformational Breath® Foundation, running training courses around the UK and overseas. I am a founding member of Transformational Breath® UK, the professional body that supports facilitators and runs trainings, I was also jointly responsible for getting this organisation and it's training accredited by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (now part of The Confederation of Healing Organisations). More recently I have chosen to step back from the training role and to focus on my own breath and a small private practice, working more locally to my home in beautiful Derbyshire.