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"Transformational Breathing has helped me accept myself and my feelings. It has no side effects, it benefits body, mind and spirit, it puts you in touch with yourself. I spent years being told there was something wrong with me for expressing my feelings by people who should have known better. Now at last I know they were wrong. Transformational Breath® has shown me that the most normal and natural thing in the world is to breathe easy and LET OFF STEAM! Thank you Ange!"
Tracey, Senior Social Worker

"Doing this work has given me a greater sense of my relationship to nature. I also feel more connected and at peace within myself."
Richard, Water Engineer

"Although in my late sixties at the time, I was fortunate to encounter conscious breathing during a very challenging phase of my life. Suffice it to say that working with Ange Leake at that time was immensely helpful in finding my way through something of an emotional crisis while at the same time releasing much stored trauma. It also laid the foundation for an invaluable practice which has remained an integral aspect of my daily life ever since, both physically and spiritually."
EE, Theologian

"I left my marriage and lost 40lb. I hardly recognise myself or my life! I love it!"
Isabelle, Psychotherapist

"Transformational Breath® has made me feel physically more well than I';ve felt for years and it's helped me remember how to be happy."
Jane, Counsellor

"At the end of a Transformational Breath® session I feel in a state of lightness and clarity. I feel clean on the inside and buzzing on the outside. It is a very powerful therapy which convinces me that life is easy, and afterwards I wonder why I make life so difficult."
Leslie, Chiropractor

"This work goes deeper and quicker than anything I've ever experienced. It strips everything away, down to what really matters and leads you out the other side. I feel at peace with myself and excited about the future."
Chris, Teacher